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Our Music Intent


Our Music curriculum aims to recognise that children are creative individuals and to help them to develop different preferences as regards the music they enjoy and are passionate about.

We aim to inspire our pupils and enhance their ability and confidence to perform. We aim to give children the opportunity to use a range of instruments to develop fundamental skills for future learning within the subject. It is our intent to enable children to develop and explore musical skills with increasing understanding, confidence and enjoyment. We encourage collaborative work in a range of situations and develop the skills children need to perform for others. We model ways to improve the quality and control of their performance as well as teaching children to talk about how music makes them feel whilst performing and listening to others.  


At Manor Leas Infant School we aim for all children to develop an enjoyment and love of music. We use the Sing Up resources throughout our school to teach children key musical skills and nurture creativity through sound.


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are encouraged to create their own music and listen to that of others including their friends. The children are able to access percussion instruments in their indoor and outdoor provision and they can enhance their story telling with music and song. They will also learn key musical vocabulary skills through learning and performing new songs together.


Key Stage 1 children develop these skills as they sing, compose and perform together and as individuals. They also learn to listen to, appraise and talk about different styles of music and why they like or dislike them.


Extra-curricular music provision

Children in Key Stage 1 are able to join the school choir and enjoy learning songs of different styles and singing as a group. When possible the choir have performed with the choir from Manor Leas Junior Academy.

Children can also have ukulele lessons in school time, which are offered from Front Row Music.



But what do the children say?

EYFS: I like using the instruments and making my own music.

Year 1: I would like to write my own song.

Year 2: I like lively music best that we can dance along to.

Year 2: Using instruments is great because I enjoy being active.