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During Key Stage One pupils observe, explore and ask questions about living things, materials and phenomena. They begin to work together to collect evidence to help them answer questions and to link this to simple scientific ideas. They evaluate evidence and consider whether tests or comparisons are fair. They use reference materials to find out more about scientific ideas. They share their ideas and communicate them using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables.


At Manor Leas Infant School the children develop scientific minds right from the Early Years Foundation Stage. They learn to question, observe through all their senses, ask questions, look for similarities and differences and changes over time as well as sorting and classifying. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore their own interests as well as being guided by staff.


In Year One, children extend their science skills through learning about the seasons, senses, body parts, materials, animals and growing plants! The children love learning about animals through a workhop during which we are visited by different types of animals! In Year Two scientific enquiry skills are developed further as the children learn about being healthy, changes in materials, habitats, food chains and what plants need to grow - with an exciting trip to the seaside to support their learning further. The children also have the opportunity to spend two days (residential) at Rand Farm learning about where their food comes from.


We have a lovely outdoor area which provides a key learning space and is used as much as possible throughout the year. Our garden is full of plants and trees which the children love to explore. In our large polytunnel every child is given the chance to plant seeds in our vegetable raised beds, keep them watered and watch them grow. At harvest time the children have the opportunity to cook and eat their own produce!