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At Manor Leas Infant School the children develop a love of the past right from the Early Years Foundation Stage. Here they investigate how they have changed and grown. They also look at the toys that they play with today compared to when they were babies. This develops their understanding of the passing of time and the importance of the past.


These skills are then built on through Year One. The children develop their ability to order chronologically and compare buildings from the present and past. The main topics covered are Toys and Castles.

When investigating toys parents are invited to write about and share the toys they played with. Children then compare old and new objects and discuss the reasons why things have changed. They use information gained from a visitor. These have included a speaker from a local museum or a toymaker. These visitors then lead a workshop based on toys and those played with now and then. Children get first hand experiences of handling these objects and questioning how they are played with.


When investigating Castles children have experienced first hand what life was like through a visit to Lincoln Castle. In previous years children have also visited Belvior Castle and have had a school based castle workshop led by History Off The Page. They look at castles through time and decide why important changes were made. The classroom role play area is transformed into a medieval castle and children are encouraged to design shields and coats of arms in art.


In Year Two the focus turns to investigating famous people and events. The children get to choose a famous person to discover more about and use the internet to find out more. They then look at the lives of famous women through time including Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Queen Elizabeth I. Here the children are encouraged to ask and answer questions alongside using a range of evidence sources to find the answers. This includes eyewitness information, BBC school films and non-fiction texts.

They then focus on chronological ordering and timelines through the very popular topic based on the Great Fire of London.  They investigate where the fire started and suggest reasons why it spread. Through the topic children have the opportunity to create timelines, make collage Stuart houses and make mind maps demonstrating their knowledge. Classroom displays and role play areas highlight the skills learned and enjoyment of the topic.


Finally in Year Two the children take a trip back in time to the Seaside! This is supported by a trip to a modern day seaside resort – Mablethorpe. Here the children look at photographs and watch footage to compare how holidays have changed overtime. They look at clothing, transport and souvenirs.