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At Manor Leas Infant School the children develop a love of the past right from the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children learn about important historical figures and events through books, photos and other people's experiences, understanding that some things have changed and some have stayed the same. 


During Year One, children develop their ability to order chronologically and compare objects from the present and past. They learn about how they have changed in their lives so far, as well as how toys have developed over the years. Children also learn about important historical events and figures such as the Gunpowder Plot and Sacagawea, developing key skills such as sequencing events correctly, asking questions and using sources of information to answer them. 


Learning is brought to life by using and handling real toys from the past and celebrating explorers through an 'explorer day!'


In Year Two, children continue to investigate famous people, including famous women through time such as Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. Here the children are encouraged to compare different versions of past events, create timelines and evaluate evidence from the past. This might include eyewitness information, BBC school films and non-fiction texts.


Children also investigate famous events, including the Great Fire of London. They investigate where the fire started and suggest reasons why it spread. Through the topic children have the opportunity to create timelines, make collage Stuart houses and make mind maps demonstrating their knowledge. Children also learn about events in their own locality, such as events at Lincoln Castle. 


Finally in Year Two the children take a trip back in time to the Seaside to understand how holidays have changed over time! This is supported by a trip to a modern day seaside resort. Here the children look at photographs and watch footage to compare how holidays have changed overtime. They look at clothing, transport and souvenirs.