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At Manor Leas Infant School the children love learning about their surroundings right from the Early Years Foundation Stage. They begin by looking at their school surroundings and environment. Here they investigate areas they like and dislike and what they could do to improve their local area. Children begin to discover where their environment fits in with the wider world as they look at simple atlases and globes, describing similarities and differences between different places. 


In Year One children learn about different places, including the four countries of the UK, their capital cities and the seven continents. Children tracks seasonal weather patterns and identify physical and human features of the environment. Mapping skills are further developed, with children drawing a simple map, using maps to follow simple routes and developing a key. The children broaden their investigations into the local area, collecting data about different aspects of their environment. 


In Year Two, children build on previous learning by studying similarities and differences between where we live and a contrasting area of the world. Children use compasses, plans and photos to recognise landmarks, features and routes.