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At Manor Leas Infant School the children love learning about their surroundings right from the Early Years Foundation Stage. They begin by looking at their school surroundings and environment. Here they investigate areas they like and dislike and what they could do to improve their local area. Children begin to discover where their environment fits in with the wider world as they look at simple atlases and globes.


In Year One mapping skills are further developed. The children broaden their environment investigation into the local area. Here they draw a route to school noting key human and physical features they pass. They begin to understand the impact on the environment and carry out traffic surveys.


The children then further their investigations to look at the British Isles with Barnaby Bear. Using film footage the children visit various key places looking at weather, transport and features. They produce postcards and flags to represent their learning.


By Year Two this knowledge has further expanded to look at the world. Children begin by investigating the world continents and oceans. Again Barnaby Bear then takes the children along on his travels to various places in the world including Kenya, Brazil, Mexico and Norway. They show their learning through making travel brochures, postcards, completing maps and writing diary accounts. Here the role play area becomes a travel agents and children book holidays and decide on currency they may need to take!


Finally the children look at the location of seaside resorts. They plot theses places on their own map of the British Isles using atlases as support. They then produce their own map with a key unique to them. They look at building types and uses and what makes a seaside town popular. In the role play area children create a souvenir shop and make postcards to sell.