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Class Two

Welcome to Class Two!



Our topic for Term 1 and Term 2 is LAND AHOY!


We are going to be enjoying stories about pirates, sea monsters, lighthouses and seasides.  We will be hunting for pirate treasure with our homemade telescopes and designing and making our own pirate finger puppets.  As pirates sailing around the world, we will be learning about the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans of the World and where hot and cold places can be found.  We will also look at the features of seaside towns in the UK. 


In Science we will be finding out about living things and their habitats with a focus on sealife and beach and underwater habitats.  We are hoping to visit the Skegness Aquarium later in the term to help us explore this further in an engaging way. 


Our Maths learning will begin by developing our understanding of place value as we look at how we can represent numbers to 100. We will then look at number facts, how they are related and how they can be used to help us solve problems.  We will then move on to learn how to add and subtract two two digit numbers and use this new skill to solve real life problems.  We will practise recognising coins and notes and learn to find totals and give change.  Finally we will end the term looking at how to multiply and we will introduce the multiplication symbol.


In Computing we will be exploring how computers need to be given accurate instructions, called algorithms, to make them work and then practising giving these instructions using 2Go an 2Code on Purple Mash.


In Art we will be using watercolours to produce sea-scapes and autumn scenes.  We will explore the different ways we can use watercolours with other media, such as drawing and collage.  In Music we will be learning some special songs to sing on our new school CD and then preparing for our Christmas performance.


In PE we will be developing all aspects (Games, Gymnastics, Dance), with a particular focus on Games with MSP during Term 1.


In RE we will be finding out more about what Christians do to express their beliefs and what celebrations are important to them whilst in PSHE we will be exploring how we can be responsible members of a community and help to care for the wider living world.


We found a message in a bottle that a pirate left behind for us!  We followed the clues in the garden using our home-made telescopes and found a treasure chest full of treasure!


We really enjoyed reading about Noi, who found a beached whale and took it home to care for it in his bath.  We explored new vocabulary, retrieved answers to questions about the story using the text and finally retold the story in our own words.  We can't wait to read the sequel in Winter!


We have been learning lots of new skills for lots of different sports with MSP this term.  
We had a whale of a time at Skegness Aquarium! We learned a lot about the habitats of different sea creatures.


We all got dressed up in something spotty or Pudsey related and were very excited to show off our costumes.  We learned all about why we have Children in Need Day every year and we thought about others that are maybe not as fortunate as ourselves.  We made lots of Pudsey themed items like money boxes, book marks and necklaces.  Most importantly we all brought in money to donate to a very good cause!

The whole school celebrated being back at school for 50 days. We did lots of learning to do with the number 50. We made our own shop where all the items in the shop totalled 50, we made our own top trumps cards where all the powers totalled 50, we measured shapes and lines at 50cm, we made a Maths game using purple mash and we made pictures using 50 collage pieces.

Thank you to all the parents who came at the end of the day to share our learning. You really helped to make the day special.

Today we had a visit from Dave at Forest School. We had lots of fun in the garden. We were busy making instruments, dragon story characters and 'bogits'! We all showed excellent teamwork skills to complete the challenges set. Great fun!



WOW DAY! Towers with marshmallows and spaghetti!

To begin our topic we were given a challenge. We had to work as a team to build the tallest, strongest tower but we could only use marshmallows and spaghetti.

We tested them at the end to see which one was the tallest and which one was the strongest. 

It was a lot of fun but it did get a bit sticky!!