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Class Six

Welcome to Class Six!



Wednesday 20th November was Day 50 at school. Can you believe we have already been at school for 50 days?!  We celebrated by doing lots of counting, recognising what 50 looks like and finding different ways of making 50. 

In Maths, we were looking at how many friends we would need in a team to make 50 fingers altogether.  We all knew we had 10 fingers each, so when we counted them in tens we found that we needed 5 friends in a team to total 50 wiggly fingers!

In the afternoon, we had a 50 hunt - lots of 50s were hidden all around our outdoor classroom.  When we thought we had found them all, some of us decided to make our own and hide them for our grown ups that came to visit before home time!

Thank you to everyone who donated some chocolate for our Christmas Fair Chocolate Tombola - we counted ours up and we had just over 50 pieces.  Friends of School are very grateful for your generosity.

Future Gymnasts

Class 6 love PE!  We have been looking at how to use our bodies in different ways on the gym apparatus, balancing and making different shapes.  We are learning that listening is a really important skill in PE, whether this is listening for instructions, listening for other friends around us or listening for a change in music to change our movements - listening is key.  What do you reckon - do we have some future Olympians on our hands?!

Birthday Party


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We have been learning about celebrations that are special to us and a birthday is a very special occasion indeed.  Our friend, the puppet, turned 5 years old today so we had a party!  We all made hats and cards and set up a special party table for our celebrations.  There was even birthday cake, which made this the best day we have had at school so far!

Letter formation practise

Now we are getting stuck in with Phase 2 Letters and Sounds, we are starting to practise our letter formation more and more each day.  This will help our fingers get stronger and help our writing get smaller and clearer.  As you can see, we can practise our letter formation everywhere, with all sorts of tools!

Fruit Kebabs (Maths learning, of course!)

In Maths this week, we have been learning about adding one more object to a group.  What better way of securing this concept than making fruit kebabs?  We made a small kebab then we were asked to add one more piece of fruit.  The results were delicious!

Diwali celebrations

We have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita, made models of the characters in the story and could even retell the story the next day!  Here, you can see how we have used clay to model Diwa lamps.  When these are dry we will paint them bright colours and put candles in them.  Mrs Denby showed us some photographs of a Hindu temple she had visited in Singapore so we could see how Hindus worship their many Gods.

Skittle Superstars

Our outdoor enhancement this week is the set of skittles.  We learned how to mark the floor to show where the skittles stand, set them up in a triangle shape and rolling the bowling ball across the ground to knock the skittles over.  We have 2 turns each and count up how many skittles we can knock down. We have had so much fun!

Feed the birds!

Today we made natural bird feeders.  We used our fine motor skills to push sunflower seeds in to an apple for the birds to eat.  During Winter time the ground is hard so birds find it harder to find food.  We're going to take these feeders home and put them outside our houses for the birds to eat.  One of us said it's like making tea for the birds, just like our grown ups do for us!