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Class Six

Welcome to Class Six!



Busy beginnings!
We have had a busy start to our time at Manor Leas Infant School.   We are learning the rules of our learning environment, finding out about our daily routines and making lots of new friends! 
Week 2
We are really starting to get in to the swing of being at school now!  We have been having our school dinners, joining in with new enhancements in the learning environment and making even more friends than last week!  Our doctor's roleplay area has been a very popular choice, however we have been a little too keen in giving our patients out medical schools in the year 2032!!
Week 3
Guess which area we have been learning how to use this week?!  Class 6 are LOVING the water area, using different containers to collect and transport water around the area.  The thing we really need to remember is putting our coats on and changing in to our wellies before we start...!
Week 4
We are really getting to grips with our Funky Fingers activities now we are in week 4.  Every afternoon, after we come in from lunch, we spend some time on an activity that helps us strengthen our muscles in our hands and fingers.  This helps us to hold and control a pencil!  We do an activity for a whole week and then swap with another team.  We have a lot of fun, even though Mrs Denby insists we listen to One Direction while we do it!
Week 5
Can you tell that we LOVE our new hairdresser's roleplay area?  We have been so keen to go in and learn in there all week!  We've had everything from trims, blow dries to full hair transformations.  Even Mrs Denby and Mrs Capeling have had a few restyles (and a few strands of hair pulled out!)  We are so gentle with our friends' hair and our teachers have heard some lovely vocabulary and dialogue this week.
Guess what?!  We have been learning to write words!!  At the beginning of the week, Mrs Denby asked anyone if they could write words and we all said no.  She asked us again on Friday and we realised we could ALL write words!  We are so proud of ourselves for trying so hard and exercising our brains we gave ourselves a round of applause at the end of Friday's Phonics session!  Our teachers can see our writing getting better every day and we are learning songs to help us remember our new sounds.
Week 6
We were so excited to watch the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank this week!  We saw the Royal Family arrive at the church, talked about who was who and what a wedding means.  Some of us could talk about weddings we had been to before, who was there and what happened.  
Week 7
Mud, glorious mud!  This week we have been learning how to use the mud kitchen in our Enhancements.  Mrs Capeling and Mrs Denby have very full tummies from all the different cuisines that we have been cooking!  We use all the different kitchen utensils to mix, mash, stir, flip and grind the mud to make all the different food and drink.

Autumn Term 2


Week 1

This week we have been exploring 2D shapes.  We have been learning their names and using our reasoning skills to explain how we know, for example, the shape is a triangle.  We got in to teams to make lots of different shapes from plastic straws however we couldn't make a circle!  When Mrs Denby asked why we couldn't make a circle we realised that a circle has one long curved edge and the straws wouldn't bend for us!
Week 2
We are having a ball in Mrs Breen's PE classes!  We are learning to move in different ways, listening to music and matching our bodies to the music and following the movements of our partner too.  We are learning different dance moves and routines, listening to and following instructions.  As you can see from our joyful faces, we have a brilliant time!
Week 3
Picture 1
This week we have been learning about why it is light in day time and dark at night time.  Mrs Denby used the globe and a torch to show us how the Sun shines on the Earth and how the Earth spins so it is day and night in different parts of the world.  We found out that when it is day time for us, it is night time for people who live in New Zealand.  We loved investigating the globe afterwards!
Week 4
"More, more, more!" we all cry when we have Maths challenges!  This week's Maths challenge has been to find which groups of bears have more and which groups have fewer.  We count the bears in each group, decide which one has more/fewer then read the labels to attach to each group.  We are practising lots of different skills when we do this activity, our brains have been really stretched!

Performing Arts in EYFS


The performing spirit has gripped EYFS and we are starting to choose to perform to adults and our peers during Continuous Provision!  We even built our own stages to perform on! So far we have been pop stars, The Greatest Showman cast and acrobats, actors in the nativity and George Ezra.  Mrs Denby has deleted 'Shotgun' from her playlist at home because we are singing it so often at school!

Spring Term 1


Week 1


We have started Balanceability!  Kieran comes every Friday to show us how to control and co-ordinate the balance bikes carefully and responsibly.  We each use a bike on the big playground and manoevre around different obstacles using different techniques.  We LOVE using the bikes at school and have all learned how to put on the helmets on independently!

Week 2


We have been exploring our Outdoor Gym this week!  We have learned how to use the different equipment and been thinking about which parts of our bodies are exercised.  Mrs Denby showed us how to find our pulse and our heartbeat so that we can observe what happens after we have done some exercise!

Week 3-4


Our topic this term is 'Can I switch it on?'  We have been looking at different things we use in our homes that we need to turn on and off.  We have 2 computers in our classroom so this week we have been using drawing software and learning to type our names using a keyboard.  This can be a bit tricky because the letters on the keyboard look a bit different to the letters we write!

Week 5-6


We celebrated Day 100!  We have been at school for 100 days already - how did that happen?  Mrs Denby says it feels as though we have always been here, but September feels like just yesterday!  We have learned so much, grown so much and made lots of new friends.  We celebrated Day 100 by learning to count in tens to 100, making 100 spectacles and finding different ways of making 100 too!