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Behaviour chart resources

  1. All children start the day with their peg on the sunshine.
  2. Meeting the usual rules and high expectations allows the child to stay on the sunshine.
  3. If the child makes the wrong choice a single verbal warning will be given.
  4. On a second verbal warning the child's peg will be moved off the sunshine onto the cloud.
  5. A third verbal warning necessitates a child moving to the raincloud. In KS1 this results in the removal of 5 minutes of playtime or Golden Time (where appropriate). In EYFS this results in a 5 minute Time Out.
  6. A fourth warning will necessitate the loss of an additional 5 minutes of Golden Time or playtime and the child will be taken from the classroom to the neighbouring class. On return the child's peg is moved to the white cloud.
  7. Any act of physical abuse, verbal abuse and malicious damage, when proven through investigation will automatically mean the child's peg is moved to the raincloud (regardless of where their peg is currently )
  8. A child will be encouraged to move back up through the phases back up to the sunshine for good behaviour although any penalty incurred will not be removed.
  9. If the child makes a really good choice or pushes themselves their peg will be moved to the rainbow. At the end of the day, if the child's peg is still on the rainbow, they will receive a special rainbow sticker.
  10. If the child then makes further good choices (but different to the good choice that got them to the rainbow - more of the same thing doesn't count smiley) or does something really amazing (for them, obviously this differs from child to child) and their peg is still on the star at the end of the day, they will receive a golden star sticker and a certificate.
  11. Movement up and down the behaviour chart is fluid and we should have high expectations of behaviour throughout the whole of the day. If a child makes a great choice and is moved to the rainbow or star, but then makes a bad choice their peg will be moved down. Equally if a child makes the wrong choice and is moved to the white cloud or raincloud but then does something great their peg will be moved back up.


If you want to follow a similar behaviour system at home please don't make the rewards extravagant - good behaviour should be expected as the norm.