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Personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHCE)

At Manor Leas Infant School, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) is central to our school ethos. It supports children in their development and underpins their learning both in school and throughout life.


PSHCE contributes to the development of children’s individual identities. It gives direction in life and develops informed decision-making skills.  As children mature, it supports emotional intelligence, learning about themselves as developing individuals and as members of a range of communities. When children enter our school they already have a range of life experiences developed at home. At Manor Leas we work in partnership with parents and children to continue to build on these important areas of development, helping to guide pupils to become more caring, to be respectful, empathic, and to become sensible, confident, self motivated, independent, young citizens.


Our school environment is a bright and cheerful place that celebrates children’s successes through displays, photographs and our weekly ‘Star of the Week’ assembly. Children are praised and encouraged at all times to follow school rules and routines.


PSHCE takes place in a variety of ways, through activities such as discussions, drama, role play, circle time, problem solving activities and money raising activities for charity. We are currently developing links with schools in other countries which we hope will help to increase children’s global awareness. PSHCE is planned into cross curricular topics but it is also taught as a subject in its own right. Visitors are often invited into school and to date, these have included visits from the Fire Brigade, the Road Safety Partnership, the School Nurse and the Community Police Support Officer. Visitors into school help to broaden the children’s understanding of various PSHCE topics which in turn helps them to learn how to keep themselves healthy and safe.