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At Manor Leas Infant School we aim to make Maths meaningful, exciting and engaging. We place great emphasis upon developing the key skills in mathematics so that your child can apply a solid understanding of number, data handling, shape, space and measures, in order to solve problems in a wide range of real-life situations.


Maths is taught through the cross curricular theme, where possible, so as to give your child an understanding of Maths in the real world.


There is a daily mathematics lesson for all children from Reception onwards. Lessons include whole class, group and individual work. Mental maths and problem solving are an important part of every lesson. Learning through a clear progression of mental and written methods, children develop understanding and the skills to carry out calculations independently.


In order to ‘hook’ the children on their learning we start off with a stimulus in the form of a problem, story, picture or scenario. The children are then involved in their own learning by ‘unpicking’ the Maths involved in the stimulus before the skills and strategies are taught.


We aim to ensure that all children have developed a thorough understanding of the skills taught in order for them to become confident and competent in their Mathematics ability.


Help at home

We believe that Number Bonds and addition facts play a fundamental part in developing your child’s understanding of number and that it plays a key role in solving mental maths calculations. We have developed our Maths homework in order to work together with parents to help their child learn these key addition facts. This has helped to build the children’s understanding, confidence and enthusiasm for number