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Class Two

Welcome to Class Two!



The day the dinosaur came to Class 2!! The children started the day on a dinosaur trail. They looked for eggs hidden in the garden which contained facts about dinosaurs. They answered questions using the facts and then used the answers to unscramble a hidden word. When the children returned to the classroom they found it had been destroyed. There were dinosaur footprints on the floor and the tables and chairs had been knocked over. We looked on the CCTV camera and found a dinosaur had been in our classroom! Argghhh!

There's a dinosaur in Class Two!!

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The children had lots of fun investigating what happens when different sweets get warm. We observed closely and recorded our results in a table.

Group Soup

We've been reading the story Stone Soup and we decided to make our own soup. We worked in groups each choosing a vegetable, like in the story. We were then responsible for that vegetable carefully peeling and chopping our vegetable before adding it to the pot. Once the soup was cooked we became food critics, tasting and evaluating our soup.

Class 2's Marvellous Medicine

After reading George's Marvellous Medicine we decided to make our own exploding medicine for George's Grandma. We wrote descriptions for our medicine bottles trying to include adverbs to describe what would happen to Grandma if she took the medicine.

Our messy theme continues......... today we have made our own bubble mixture for bubble printing. We were very excited by the size and amount of bubbles we were able to blow and then print on to paper.
We had an amazing start to our new topic by having a messy morning and what a mess we made! But so much fun!
We have enjoyed hibernating whilst listening to stories and lullabies for 'hibernation day'.  We have made clay hedgehogs and a hibernaculum for them to sleep in.
After reading the Three Billy Goats Gruff we decided to make a bridge out of paper for the goats to cross. We looked at the properties of paper and then we changed the paper to try and make it stronger for the goats to cross. We enjoyed testing the bridges to see how many goats each of our bridges could hold. No goats were harmed during the testing!
Friends of School came into class today to help us design and make a scarecrow for the Doddington Hall Scarecrow Competition that is taking place over half term.   
We went out in the garden area and made a figure from clay and other natural materials. We then worked in teams to make a castle for them to live in.
In Maths we have been comparing numbers using the greater than and less than signs. We used lolly pop sticks to make the signs.

In Design and Technology we have been making Rapunzel's tower and adding a working winding mechanism to it so the prince and witch can climb Rapnzel's hair.

We have selected and used the equipment independently and appropriately for the different tasks throughout the making process.