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Class Two

Welcome to Class Two!





We painted our hands with glitter paint to see how quickly germs spread and how far they spread.


Rand Farm - day three

Please see Class One's page for today's photographs.


Rand Farm day two (cont) plus day visitors



Rand Farm - Day 2

It's a wonderful life on the farm.  Everyone has helped to feed the lambs, goats, donkeys and horses.  We have listened to talks about bees and ice cream.  We also sampled some honey with Brian the bee-man and enjoyed some different ice-creams made by Dennett's.

More lambs have been born today but we still haven't managed to witness an actual birth.

Tea was yummy - soup or apple juice, roast chicken dinner and sponge pudding and custard.  Everyone ate well and the children are now snuggled up in bed.  Looking like an earlier night than last night... so far!


Update - all asleep 30 minutes earlier than last night!!!


Rand Farm - Day 2

A new group of children and new adventures on the farm!  "Cluckily" everyone is still enjoying themselves!

More pictures to follow!


Habitats for farm animals

Whilst the first group are at Rand Farm we have been creating habitats for farm animals.


Rand Farm - Day 1

Having a great time at Rand!  We're all fast asleep after a very busy day.

Please see the Class 1 page for today's photographs.


Properties of 2d shapes - Venn diagrams

We used Venn diagrams to demonstrate our knowledge of 2d shapes.


Science week - Skittles experiment

Put your Skittles in a circle around the plate, add water, sit back, watch and wonder.


Science week - poo excavation

Yep, it was amazing as we thought it would be!


Science week - poo!

Today we made a poo in a dish, yes ... a poo in a dish.

Tomorrow we excavate the 'poo' to see what we have been eating.

And yes, we are predicting there will be sweetcorn smiley



This term we are enjoying PE lessons with a specialist PE teacher and this week enjoyed using the apparatus.


Good website - multiplication

This is a really good website for the children to use to practise their multiplying skills at home.


Katie and the Water Lily Pond

We have been inspired by the 'Katie' stories to paint in the style of Monet. We then added adjectives and descriptive phrases to help us with our own story writing.