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Class Two

Welcome to Class Two!




Science week - Skittles experiment

Put your Skittles in a circle around the plate, add water, sit back, watch and wonder.


Science week - poo excavation

Yep, it was amazing as we thought it would be!


Science week - poo!

Today we made a poo in a dish, yes ... a poo in a dish.

Tomorrow we excavate the 'poo' to see what we have been eating.

And yes, we are predicting there will be sweetcorn smiley



This term we are enjoying PE lessons with a specialist PE teacher and this week enjoyed using the apparatus.


Good website - multiplication

This is a really good website for the children to use to practise their multiplying skills at home.


Katie and the Water Lily Pond

We have been inspired by the 'Katie' stories to paint in the style of Monet. We then added adjectives and descriptive phrases to help us with our own story writing.



In English we are learning about instructions. This week we followed a set of instructions to create a paper model of Anansi.



In maths we have been grouping as an introduction to multiplication.



In Year One we learnt about the UK and this year have started to investigate the seven continents.



In English we have been comparing the characters from Cinderella and Yeh Shen.

Picture 1


Remembrance Day

We investigated why people wear poppies and created our own poppy wreaths in remembrance.



We sequenced a set of instructions, underlining the verbs and time words, then followed the instructions to create a shopper.

Picture 1


Counting in fives

This week we have been practising counting in fives.

Picture 1


Materials - waterproof

We have been testing different materials to see which are waterproof.

Picture 1


We've completed our star catchers!

Now we have learnt all the skills to create our star catchers we have finally finished them and are very proud of the results.


Jonah & the Whale - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

In RE we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We heard the story of Jonah and the Whale and thought about its meaning and why the story plays an important part of this festival. 


Next week we will think about forgiveness in our own lives.

21st September 2017

Tens and ones

We are recapping what we have previously learnt so we have mastered the concept before moving onto bigger numbers.

14 September 2017

How to catch a star

We have been reading the book "How to Catch a Star" and today were challenged to design and create our own star catcher.

13 September 2017

Shabbat role-play

In RE we are learning about celebrations in other religions and today we investigated the Jewish celebration Shabbat.

Picture 1

7th September 2017

Tens and Ones

Today we were challenged to show our understanding of place value.

7th September 2017

First day in Year Two

Mrs Crowson set us a challenge on our first day back... sewing!!

Picture 1