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Class Three

Welcome to Class Three!

We had a really lovely day on our school trip to Woodside Wildlife Park. We saw lots of animals! We particularly enjoyed seeing the Lynx being fed and also walking through the new penguin enclosure.

We have been looking at the clouds and talking about the different shapes. We spoke about how we can make differen pictures out of clouds and we discussed what things we could see. We then drew all the animals, creatures and objects we imagined from the clouds.

How wild is the wind? Thats what we have been finding out! We used carrier bags to see which direction the wind was blowing and how strong it is every day. We have recorded our results and next week we will discuss what we found.

We have been learning to measure capacity and volume. We measured full, empty, half full and nearly full using sand and water.

We have loved dressing up for World Book Day. We read the story "How big is a million?" and did lots of learning about penguins. We enjoyed sharing our books with eachother. Even princesses and the BFG like to read!!

We read the story "Little Acorns" which is about an acorn growing into an Oak tree. We used the outdoor classroom to build our very own Oak trees.

We learnt a poem about the weather. We practised reciting the poem and adding actions.

We took our maths learning outside and enjoyed the warm sunshine. We were learning to order and compare numbers up to 50.

We made the most of the February sunshine and went outside on a nature walk. We were looking for early signs of spring.

We celebrated 100 days in school with lots of 100 activities!

Sockasaurus! Look at our cool sock puppets!

Roar!! We used clay to make our own dinosaur teeth. We had to decide whether our dinosaur would be a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore and make a tooth suitable for that.

We went outside with the trundle wheels to measure how long different dinosaurs were. Who know dinosaurs could be so big?!

We really enjoyed our time at the Collection Museum! We dug for fossils, saw a dinosaur skeleton and made our own fossil necklaces.

We have enjoyed getting back outside in our outdoor classroom. We have been practising writing, counting, reading and building. We have enjoyed using the PE area to get active and we have enjoyed experimenting in our Science area.

We used the leaves we collected outside to make a collage dinosaur!

We have been learning about prehistoric landscapes as part of our dinosaur topic. We went outside, collected natural objects and used them to create our own prehistoric landscape.

Look how lucky we where! We had a visit from some firefighters to teach us about fire safety.

Look at our balances! We have been using the equipment to balance in different ways.

We have been making moving models of the London Eye!

We have enjoyed using our outdoor classroom to explore addition!

We have been learning how to make simple bar models to teach adding and subtracting. This has helped us understand numbers much more!

We have been using the new board to explore London!

We loved starting our Bright Lights, Big City topic with a tea party! We even got to cut up the food ourselves and serve it to our friends!

Class 3 and 4 have been learning all about healthy eating. We made our own smoothies by chopping fruit and blending it together. We even had to wash our cups and the equipment up! Some of our smoothies were delicious and some were not so much!

Super-Veggies to the rescue! We enjoyed listening to the story "Supertato" and then making our own super-vegetables! Hopefully we can help Supertato in his quest to stop the Evil Pea!

We have been learning about the seasons in Science. We went outside on an Autumn walk and collected items to make an Autumn bracelet. We then used our bracelet to help us think of lots of interesting words such as "crunchy", "damp" and "chilly" to describe Autumn.

We have been learning how to partition numbers using the part-part-whole model. We enjoyed doing our Maths learning outside again!

We have enjoyed using the iPads to turn ourselves into superheroes!

We have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest. We have explored using symbols to show more than, less than and equal to.

In Maths, we have been learning to order groups of objects. We even took our learning outside to enjoy the sunshine!