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Class Three

Welcome to Class Three!


Science week - egg challenge

We were challenged to transport an egg from one side of the canopy to the other without touching it and the egg couldnt touch the floor. Lots of problem solving ensued.


Science week - Skittles

Today we experimented with Skittles, which is exciting enough on it own!

We spread the Skittles out in a circle then carefully added water. Then waited and watched.


Andy Goldsworthy

We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy to get outside and create natural art.



In RE this week we learnt about Christian baptism and its symbolism. We role-played a baptism taking the role of the key figures in the celebration.


Number stories

We wrote number stories, then wrote them as a number sentence then proved them practically.


Zoo Lab

Thanks to Friends of School for our Christmas money - we used it to pay for a visit from Zoo Lab. We had a great time.



We painted animals to show our understanding of their features.


Sorting animals

We have looked at the different ways we group animals, including the key differences and how you can recognise and identify the different groups. 


The one that threw us the most....a chicken.

Is it reptile, am amphibian, a mammal, a bird.....?



We have been practising addition using the ten frames.


Who am I?

We have been learning about the features of animals and today played "who am I?" to practise our animal knowledge and questioning skills.



Number bonds to 20

We've used a multitude of ways to practise and record our number bonds to twenty.


British landmarks

In geography we have been learning about British landmarks and then we created replicas. We made Blackpool Tower, the London Eye and Stonehenge.



Back to school, brains in gear, it's time to start practising addition.


Little Red Riding Hood

We enjoyed our three performances, we hope you did too, and our teachers were very proud of us.


D&T - Sliders

We have learnt how to create moving pictures with sliders.


D&T - Pop up puppets

In D&T we are thinking about moving parts and today learnt how to create pop up puppets.


Christmas cards

Without giving too much away, we have started making our Christmas cards using our knowledge of 3d shapes and repeating patterns.


Human and physical geographical features

In geography this week we went into the garden area to search for human and physical geographical features.



In RE this week we learnt about the symbolism of a Christingle then had a go at making our own.


The Christian Creation story

In RE we investigated the Christian creation story then thought about how we thought the world began.

Picture 1



This week we have deciphered shapes when we couldn't see all of it, investigated the properties of 2d shapes and named and labelled 3d shapes.


Revising shape

This week we have been revising shape and enjoyed creating shapes with art straws using our knowledge of the properties of shapes.


Children In Need Day

We all enjoyed wearing something spotty and supporting Children in Need.


Forest School - fire

Forest School Dave helped us to toast marshmallows, put the fire out safely and create drawings of traditional tales using the charcoal from the fire.


The Gunpowder Plot

We created freeze frames from the story to help us have deeper understanding of the events and characters.


Investigating Sukkot

In RE we are learning about celebrations and today thought about Sukkot, a Jewish festival celebrating the harvest and their escape from Egypt.


We built a sukkah, a shelter where Jewish people share meals with family and friends.

Picture 1


Three Little Pigs houses

Today we created the houses from the Three Little Pigs story using the outdoor construction.


Number bonds

We have been busy practising our number bonds. We started to get the idea of bonds in EYFS now we have to be able to recall these quickly and record them accurately.


Traditional tales with Forest School David

Today Forest School David visited. We found a scroll hidden in the garden and from that we worked out today's challenges. We used natural objects to make settings from traditional tales, such as giants footsteps, Goldilock's chairs and a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff.


We learnt to work as a team, practised speaking and listening skills, recalled key features of a story and used our design and technology skills to create the settings.


Drama - superhero scenarios

We worked in groups to create scenarios for our superhero characters.


Handwriting practise

We have been busy correcting our letter formation in readiness for joined cursive writing. We like to help each other out when we are finding it tricky.


Part, part, whole

We recapped "part, part, whole" and impressed Miss O'Neill with what we have remembered from EYFS.


Autumn colours

We went into the garden area to collect colours of autumn and used them to decorate a wristband.


We have a new pet!

Coco is the latest member of Year One. A white guinea pig with red eyes ( she came with the name Coco - no idea why!) who is currently too small for us to handle but we are all excited for the day when we can give her a cuddle.

Picture 1


Replacement teachers

Story time... Miss O'Neill has no voice - move over, we'll do it!

28 September 2017


We read the story Supertato then created our own healthy superheroes.

 21st September 2017

Beauties in nature

This week in RE we have looked for what we think is beautiful in nature.

21st September 2017

More and less/fewer

We have been working on the vocabulary to describe more and less (or fewer) and showing our answers practically.

14 September 2017

Shorter days

Mrs Ball came to see as at lunch and we informed her 'we have to sit down a bit more in Year One' and 'we have shorter days in this class'. When Mrs Ball said that was because we were enjoying it more as we were more than ready for Year One we said 'no we really do have have shorter days in Year One'.


All eyes are now on Miss O'Neill! smiley

7th September 2017


This term we are thinking about our super powers and are having fun being superheroes in our role play.

When we were Class Five!


14 July 2017

Manor Leas Mile with Mummys and Daddys

Well done to everyone for their first attempt at the mile and a big thank you to our Mummys and Daddys for joining us.  Some of us ran all the way without walking at all - look out Mo Farah.

13 July 2017

Transition Day

We spent the day in our Year One classroom with our new teacher Miss O'Neill. We met our teaching assistants Mrs Vinters and Miss Ranyard and began to find our way around the classroom.


We were a little nervous but excited at the same time.



12 July 2017

Street dance with Miss Vicky from Spotlight Dance

Today we enjoyed keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind learning some serious moves with Miss Vicky.

6 July 2017

Chambers Wood trip

We enjoyed making natural minibeasts, going on our own minibeast adventure ( where we found newts under the logs), collected a rainbow of natural objects and built dens with branches and foliage. Not forgetting umpteen visits to the toilet!


We all had a great time and did our teachers proud.

W/c 3 July 2017


Hurricane Sports visited for three days. On the first day we practised track events and on the second day tried field sports. On the final day we enjoyed an inter class athletics event.

27 June 2017

Show jumping (ordinal numbers)

We built a show jumping course and enjoyed trying to get a clean round whilst competing with our friends. This is helping us to practise our ordinal numbers (first, second, third etc).

Picture 1

Careers Day

19 June 2017

Today we have thought about what we want to be when we grow up and have heard about other people's chosen professions too. We've found out about being an artist, a speech and language therapist (who taught us how to sign) and a first aider.

Term 6 week 1

Purple Mash

We have a new ICT package called Purple Mash and have today learnt how to log into our personal accounts, choose a programme, then edit the text remembering capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


We will soon be bringing our log in cards home so we can access the package from home.

Term 6 week 1

Mr Benn role-play

We have entered the world of Mr Benn (if you're younger than are teachers you will need to look it up!), been met by the shopkeeper, changed into a costume and been magically transported to a related adventure.


When we return from our adventures, we write our story down to share with our friends.