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Class Six

Welcome to Class Six!




E-safety day

Mrs Denby led an e-safety assembly then we enjoyed practising our ICT skills on the iPads.


PE with JB

He's back! And this time we all went on an adventure to the fairground.

We practised rolling, throwing and balancing the equipment.

Picture 1


Science week - ice

We were all given a fish shaped ice cube that held a sequin within it. We were all challenged to get the sequin out as quick as possible using our knowledge of the properties of ice. 


Science week - giant bubbles

We made our own giant bubble mixture then created our own wands to make the bubbles.


Chinese lion dance

We are learning about the Chinese New Year celebrations and enjoyed performing the lion dance. I think its safe to say we warded off any bad luck with all the noise we made.


Number formation

This week we were assessed at writing our number lines. This shows our teachers where we are at and what our next steps should be.



We have been using Numicon to practise sequencing, matching digits to sets and having a visual prompt to see number bonds.


B&Q role play

We have been building B&Q delivery lorries in the construction area and practising using money in the B&Q role play.


Party day

We wore our Christmas jumpers, played party games, had a lovely Christmas dinner then finished the day off with the magician.


Christmas sequencing


Nativity role-play

We all enjoyed our roles in our nativity play but its great to try out other characters too. We have used our knowledge of the Christmas story to support our role-play.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


EYFS Natvity Play

We have performed our nativity play and our teachers are now exhausted and some of us are a little hoarse. On Tuesday we were a bit nervous but sang our socks off and on Wednesday, lets just say we had grown in confidence :)


Sledging on the nursery slopes

By Tuesday the snow in the outdoor classroom had become compacted, perfect for sledging. Do we have a sledge? No - but we do have a plastic drawer!


Mrs Denby gave us a push at the top, Mrs Ball caught us at the bottom, blink and you'd have missed it - but we LOVED it.


Making sets

We counted out a number of objects then found the number that corresponded with our set.


Part, part, whole

We learn addition using 'part, part, whole'. We put a number of objects inside a circle and count how many objects there are (this number is one of the two parts). Then we repeat this process, putting the another set of objects inside a second circle (this number is the second of two parts). We then push the objects from both 'parts' into a bigger circle - the whole.


PE with Mrs Breen



We have been learning to use some of the apps on the iPad and enjoyed sharing our learning with friends.



We've been practising segmenting then writing CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant).



PE with Mrs Breen

Mrs Breen, a PE adviser, has been teaching us how to use some of the PE apparatus.


Pennies for Pudsey

We've been practising using one pences by buying Pudseys during Children in Need day.


Investigating ramps

In one of our enhancement sessions this week we were challenged to create a ramp. The car had to travel from top to bottom under its own power and not fall off during its journey. As the week progresses the ramps are getting fancier as we enjoy problem solving.


Our first Forest School session

This week we have enjoyed Forest School with Dave. We imagined there was a naughty dragon who had destroyed all the homes of the cuddly toy animals. We had to work as a team to create new homes whilst listening out for the drum warning us of the approaching dragon. If we heard the drum we had to freeze. We then added exciting features to our dens like spy cameras and escape chutes.


The next day we needed to create a boat to get us home safely. We all chose varying forms of nautical transport and created them with things we found in the garden area. Once we were 'home' we used charcoal from a fire to create an ink so we could draw pictures to remind us of our adventures.


Art straw shapes

This week we used our knowledge of 2d shapes to create 3d shapes.


Learning to ride a bike

We are having great fun riding the balance bikes and moving onto the pedal bikes in our own time. We don't have stabilisers at school, our teachers can see when we are ready to move from the balance bikes to the pedal bikes and we like to push ourselves too. When the time is right we can be very determined and show great perseverance.

Picture 1


Christmas performance practise

We are busy practising the songs for our Christmas performance - no doubt you are familiar with all the words too by now!

Mary's having a baby

Still image for this video


McDonalds Drive Thru

A few weeks ago our constructions were simple and we prefered to work alone or alongside friends, rather than working as a team.

Now we collaborate ideas and keep working on the construction until we feel happy with it.

We decided to make a McDonalds Drive Thru and over the week we have developed windows, tills and handles and pumps.

We now also know some of the sounds in 'McDonalds' and are writing signs for our building.


Colonia Halloween Competition Winner

Well done to everyone who entered the competition, your entries looked great. The children from our school were competing against children from four other local schools and one of our class won! Not only did she win a Waterstones voucher for herself but won a great big box of arts and crafts resources for the school.

Picture 1


Divali party

Over the past week we have been thinking about celebrations in our own lives and in  other people's lives and this week, it is Divali, so we have been hearing the story of Rama and Sita and enjoying some of the festivities. Today we had a Divali party and enjoyed trying new foods.



For the past three weeks in RE we have been thinking about 'celebrations for me and others'. We have started to investigate the story behind the Hindu celebration of Divali and are looking forward to our Divali party tomorrow.

Picture 1


PE with JB

This week we were visited by JB who helped us search for dinosaurs. We looked high, we looked low, we went fast, we went slow.

Picture 1


Urban arts week - street music

In assembly we watched Stomp create music with everything and anything. We were inspired and thought we'd give it a go with objects from our outdoor classroom. We belted out our nativity songs whilst hammering a rhythm on our pots/pans/stones/furniture/climbing equipment...


Sweet music!!!


Enhancements - large wooden bricks

We have been learning how to use the large wooden bricks safely and creatively.



In gym we have learnt how to perform a tuck, straddle, pike and dish. We are also learning to listen and move in different ways.

28th September 2017

Enhancement - pipes

This week the water area has been enhanced with pipes. We have investigated how water travels and have been challenged to create a water system that doesn't leak and collects the water at the end.

28th September 2017


This week we have started phase two phonics, learning the sounds letters make, learning how to read and write them and beginning to blend and segment with known sounds.

14 September 2017

Getting to grips with PCs

We are enjoying ICT and are finding out that you can't touch and swipe every kind of technology!

14 September 2017

Funky Fingers

This week we have started Funky Fingers - a programme to strengthen all the muscles needed to become writing ready. We are split into groups and each day we practise the same activity then move onto a new activity the following week. As the year progresses the exercises concentrate on the finer movements required for extended periods of writing.

7th September 2017

Our first days at school

Three days on and we are settling well. We are beginning to learn the rules and are making new friends with people who enjoy the same things as us. 


(Only some of the children are featured as I could only put their photos on when their name stickers weren't showing or had fallen off! Don't worry - there will be plenty more.)