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Class One

Welcome to Class One!




Sport Relief

Its 'footy Wednesday' so today we were dribbling through the cones, with the ball under control(ish) for 10 minutes. Tomorrow is 'boogy Thursday' which leads us in to the mile run on Friday.


3D shape

We were challenged to create 3d shapes with matchsticks and Plasticene to show our understanding of the properties of shape.


Hula-hoop Monday for Sport Relief

Class 1 have done their 10 minutes for today and are already feeling healthier. Have you collected any names on your sponsor forms yet? 

Sport Relief

Still image for this video


World Book Day 2018



Over the past two years we have been practising ICT skills and are now ready to create our own animations.

Picture 1


Rand Farm - day three

We've cleaned out the animals, made carrot cake muffins, played in the play barn and tried our hands at archery. We've had a great time and are now looking forward to telling our families all about our adventures.


Rand Farm day visitors

Please see Class One's page for photos.


Rand Farm - Day 2

Please see Class 2's page for today's photographs.  More to follow later.


Habitats for farm animals

Whilst the first group are at Rand Farm we have been creating habitats for farm animals.


Rand Farm - Day 1

We continued to have a "farmtastic" time this afternoon and this evening. 

We have fed the animals, listened to talks about keeing bees and making ice cream, made a candle and tasted honey and ice cream.  We all enjoyed our delicious tea - everyone had a try!

We were in bed and snuggled for our story with Mrs Kirwan by 7pm.  I wonder how long it will be before we are all fast asleep?


Update - we were all asleep by 9:30pm (just!)


Rand Farm - Day 1

We have arrived safely at Rand Farm and are having a "moovelous" time!  

We have fed the animals, watched the cow being milked and had our lunch.


Science week -lava lamps

We made our own lava lamps using oil, water, food colouring and a dissolvable tablet.


Science week - erupting volcanoes

In D&T we created papier mache volcanoes then mixed washing up liquid, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda to create an eruption.



Science week - poo disection

Yep, it was amazing as we thought it would be!



Science week - poo!

Today we made a poo in a dish, yes ... a poo in a dish.

Tomorrow we dissect the 'poo' to see what we have been eating.

And yes, we are predicting there will be sweetcorn smiley


Science week - Skittles experiment

Put your Skittles in a circle around the plate, add water, sit back, watch and wonder.


Multiplication help

This is a really good website for the children to use to practise their multiplying skills at home.