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Class One

Welcome to Class One!



We used mixed media to create a winter scene.
We enjoyed the experiment because we explored what happened to different sweets when they got warm and then we ate them!
In maths we have been adding two numbers using practical apparatus to support us crossing the tens barrier.
We had a great time on Children in Need Day.  We all dressed up and we made our own quizzes.  
We followed some instructions from a recipe book to make some putty.  It was really messy!
We explored what happens when we mixed different materials with water.  We found out that some materials float, some sink and some melt or dissolve.
We investigated blowing bubbles with different products such as washing up liquid and bubble bath.  We tried to finid out which bubbles lasted the longest and which were the foamiest.
The children are really enjoying reading George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.  They found it useful to track the text with a lolly stick.
We started our new topic of Muck, Mess and Mixtures by having a terribly messy day!
We have enjoyed hibernating whilst listening to stories and lullabies for 'hibernation day'.  We have made clay hedgehogs and a hibernaculum for them to sleep in.
Friends of School came into class today to help us design and make a scarecrow for the Doddington Hall Scarecrow Competition that is taking place over half term.   
Class 1 are enjoying a little bit of time to read for pleasure before lunch.  They are enjoying looking for this week's spelling words and noticing the different sentence types that have been used in the texts.
Picture 1
In Science we explored how we could make paper stronger by folding, squashing and scrunching.  Mrs Botham challenged us to make a bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff to cross.  We were only allowed to use four sheets of newspaper and some masking tape.  We were not allowed to stick the tape to anything except the paper.  We worked really well in our groups and there was lots of productive discussion happening.  Two groups managed to make very strong bridges that held everyone's jotters!
In History we have been finding out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was a famous engineer.  We learnt that he designed and built tunnels, railways, bridges and ships.  Some of us thought we might like to be engineers when we grow up!
Mrs Botham set out the equipment in PE so that we could act out attacking a castle.  We had to swing across the moat, climb over the high walls and throw cannon balls at targets.  We loved it!
Class one have been using lolly sticks to make mathematical symbols.  We made less than, greater than and equal to symbols and then compared two groups of objects.  We said the number sentence we had made.
Class 1 have been busy making a model of Rapunzel's tower.  They have designed the outside, used a template to make the roof and worked out how to cut a hole in the centre of a piece of card using scissors.  They have added a winding mechanism so that her hair can go up and down.   
We held a medieval banquet in the hall on Friday afternoon.  Before we went into the hall, we spent the morning preparing for the banquet by making banners and learning a dance and a song.
We used the iPads to import images of castles and dragons to make a medieval scene.