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Class Five

Welcome to Class Five!





This week we are learning about bees. We are fascinated that they have five eyes and hairy legs!

Today we enjoyed making honey sandwiches.


Trip to Chamber's Woods

We enjoyed making clay and stick mini beasts, drawing with ink made of charcoal and water, hunting for mini beasts, eating our picnic lunch, going on a 'colour' walk and making dens. We all had a great day.



In maths this week we investigated symmetry.

Picture 1



In PE we explored the story of The Hungry Caterpillar through yoga.


Positional language

One of us had to build a Duplo model then use positional language to explain to a friend how to make an identical model. Trickier than you think but we loved it.

Picture 1

ICT club


We practised taking photos of things that made us happy.

Picture 1


Number bonds

We have been practising number bonds, finding two numbers that add together to make ten and some of us had a go at finding number bonds that make twenty.


Mr Benn role-play

We are enjoying dressing up in Mr Benn's favourite fancy dress shop, going on an adventure then writing about our travels. We've been to Hawaii, the North Pole, prison... you name it, we've been there!


(I expect most of you are too young to remember Mr Benn but Miss Pass and I are enjoying a blast from the past. smiley)


Creeping and crawling

Our new topic is 'creeping and crawling' and we are looking forward to finding out about minibeasts. This week we have been investigating snails.



We have just started a six week Balanceability course.


The laundrette

We are learning about the water cycle through our laundrette role-play. We are enjoying washing, rinsing, wringing and drying and trying hard to remember 'evaporation'.

We are loving it but many of us are coming home in spare uniform smiley.


(One of the girls was explaining the laundry area to her friend "This is how they used to wash the clothes a long long time ago, like when baby Jesus was born and like when Mrs Ball was in her Mummy's tummy!")


Icecream parlour 


We are adding and using 1,2,5,and 10 pence coins to pay for our icecreams in our icecream parlour.

Picture 1


Science day - rockets

We made our own rockets with straws and had a fantastic time firing them round the hall (and probably around home too!)