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Class Five

Welcome to Class Five!




Our first Forest School session

This week we have enjoyed Forest School with Dave. We imagined there was a naughty dragon who had destroyed all the homes of the cuddly toy animals. We had to work as a team to create new homes whilst listening out for the drum warning us of the approaching dragon. If we heard the drum we had to freeze. We then added exciting features to our dens like spy cameras and escape chutes.


The next day we needed to create a boat to get us home safely. We all chose varying forms of nautical transport and created them with things we found in the garden area. Once we were 'home' we used charcoal from a fire to create an ink so we could draw pictures to remind us of our adventures.



We were challenged to create a repeating pattern with matchsticks, so the usual go-to, a 2 colour repeating pattern, wasn't an option so what could we do?


Through experiment we found we could do all sorts of things!


Zacchaeus - how to be a friend

Last week in RE we thought about friends and today heard the Christian story of Zacchaeus. Jesus became his friend and Zacchaeus stopped making bad choices and decided to copy Jesus' good choices.


We were then challenged to work as a team to create the tree Zacchaeus sat in to see Jesus. Some of us found it tricky sharing our ideas with others, some of us created our own rather than create one with our friend and some of us managed to work as a team.


Mastering the pedal bikes

We have spent time mastering the balance bikes ensuring we could keep our feet up for a few seconds whilst steering at the same time then moved up to the pedal bikes.

Our teachers have run up and down the playground supporting our initial wobbles until we have gained in both confidence and ability. Then the big moment comes when we realise we can do it all on our own. We then have to master getting ourselves moving without a push, fortunately the playground is on a slope.


Once we've got that sorted we proudly perform our new skills to teary Mummys and Daddys at the end of the day. smiley

Mastering the pedal bikes

Still image for this video


Christmas performance practise

We are busy practising the songs for our Christmas performance - no doubt you are familiar with all the words too by now!

Mary's having a baby

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Enhancement - ten pin bowling

The ten pin bowling set has been added to our continuous provision. We have learnt how to aim, the rules of the game and how to work out who has scored more and who has scored less.


Rockets - shapes

We were challenged to create a 3d rocket with a semi circle and a rectangle. We had to turn the rectangular piece of paper into a cylinder and the semi circular piece into a cone. The trickiest part was joining the two together but fortunately we have some very helpful friends when we didn't have enough hands to hold the shapes and stick them at the same time.


McDonalds Drive Thru

A few weeks ago our constructions were simple and we prefered to work alone or alongside friends, rather than working as a team.

Now we collaborate ideas and keep working on the construction until we feel happy with it.

We decided to make a McDonalds Drive Thru and over the week we have developed windows, tills and handles and pumps.

We now also know some of the sounds in 'McDonalds' and are writing signs for our building.


Creating shapes with elastic bands

We have been showing our knowledge of the properties of 2d shapes by creating them with elastic bands.


Enhancment - Adding detail to play dough models

We have a range of resources to add to our playdough models and today thought about what we could use to improve our model making.


When we have created something we fetch our name/photo card and take our own photos of our work to show what we have been practising during our child initiated learning.



We've all come a long way from the start of the school year. We are mastering writing our graphemes and some of us have moved onto segmenting words and even captions. Today we had a go at writing 'red man'.


Enhancement - bike helmets

Great excitement - the bikes are coming out soon!

But first we all need to fit, then do up our own helmets. If we struggle we can ask a friend and the teachers are there for us if it is currently too tricky.


Funky Fingers

With a term under our belts and our fingers getting 'funkier' our Funky Fingers activities have become slightly smaller and also harder. We are using some tricky click balls, picking individual Hama beads out of sand with our pincer grip fingers, spinning smaller spinning tops and threading small beads onto thread to create bead strings. not forgetting the ever popular dough gym workout!


Divali party

Over the past week we have been thinking about celebrations in our own lives and in  other people's lives and this week, it is Divali, so we have been hearing the story of Rama and Sita and enjoying some of the festivities. Today we had a Divali party and enjoyed trying new foods.


Urban arts week - street music

In assembly we watched Stomp create music with everything and anything. We were inspired and thought we'd give it a go with objects from our outdoor classroom. We belted out our nativity songs whilst hammering a rhythm on our pots/pans/stones/furniture/climbing equipment...


Sweet music!!!


Urban Arts Week - Street dance

Miss Vicky form Spotlight Dance came to teach us how to street dance. We LOVED it!!

Picture 1


Urban arts week - shape street art

We used 2d shapes to create our shape street art. We named the shapes and are beginning to use the correct language to describe their properties.

Picture 1


Repeating patterns

The ability to spot and retain patterns will help us a lot in maths and today we were challenged to create a 2 colour repeating pattern.


PE with JB

This week JB the dog visited our PE lesson and helped us hunt for dinosaurs. We went high, we went low, we went fast, we went slow! 


Enhancements - treasury tags

During our indoor enhancement sessions this week we have learnt how to use hole punches and treasury tags. We are now busy becoming authors and illustrators, drawing our own pictures and labelling them, to create our own books.


Enhancements - dominoes

We have been learning how to use the outdoor dominoes during our outdoor enhancement sessions this week. We are learning to match, count and take turns whilst having fun.


RE - Celebrations

We are about to start learning about celebrations so today in RE role-played a celebration that is familiar to us. It was Guy's birthday  (a persona doll) and we made special food, special decorations, special cards and played party games.


We thought about other celebrations we have experienced and realised some things are similar in all celebrations. When we were asked what things we might need to make or find for a party the first suggestion was a bucket to put all the drinks in  -the teachers were thinking cake or cards!


Role-play    Hairdressers/barbers


Customer 1 - Dring, dring, dring, dring.

Receptionist - Hello hairdressers here.

Customer 1 - I want my hair cutting. When can I come?

Receptionist - Hmm. Tuesdays are busy but Fridays are quiet because it often rains. Come then.

Customer 2 - Can I have mine done now. I want it blowing.

Hairdresser 1- Sit in the waiting area.

                       Ok I'm ready now. Straight or curly?

Customer 3 - Hang on, I'm next and I want it pink and twizzled.

Hairdresser 2 - Sit here and tip your head back darlin'!

Receptionist - Hurry up everyone. Its really busy today and the next customer is booked in at midnight o'clock.


We are LOVING our new outdoor role-play!



28th September 2017

Exploring Autumn

We have enjoyed looking at autumn leaves and conkers and learning autumn words.

28th September 2017


We have started phase two phonics and are enjoying learning the sounds the letters make, learning to read and write them and have also started to blend and segment with the letters we now know.

28th September 2017


In gym we have learnt how to perform a tuck, straddle, pike and dish. We are also learning to listen and move in different ways.


28th September 2017

Enhancement - spheres

This week we have learnt how to create spheres with playdough to create models. Next week we will add cylinders to our creations.

28th September 2017

Enhancements - den making

This week we have learnt how to make a den. We know to get a crate if we can't reach the frame and to work as a team to pull the fabric over. We know the difference between waterproof fabric and non and when to use each fabric type.


Picture 1

21st September 2017 

Week 3 already!

This week we have been introduced to Numberland in maths, practised rhyming and blending in phonics and during enhancement sessions have learnt how to use the paints independently and select the correct resources for using the whiteboard.


20 September 2017

Today we've looked at the names and properties of 2d shapes then looked for shapes in our indoor and outdoor classrooms.

14 September 2017


During daily enhancement sessions we are taught a new skill or introduced to a new piece of equipment. This enables us to become independent learners during our child initiated tasks. Part of our day is spent working with an adult (teacher led or teacher directed) and the other part is independent learning (child initiated). Also through enhancement sessions we learn the difference between learning and playing.


This week we have learnt how to use the mud kitchen, how to add tyres to our large construction, how to use masking tape and sellotape and how to add sticks to our creative work.

14 September 2017

Funky Fingers

This week we have started Funky Fingers - a programme to strengthen all the muscles needed to become writing ready. We are split into groups and each day we practise the same activity then move onto a new activity the following week. As the year progresses the exercises concentrate on the finer movements required for extended periods of writing.

7th September 2017

Our first days at school

Three days on and we are settling well. We are beginning to learn the rules and are making new friends with people who enjoy the same things as us. 


(Only some of the children are featured as I could only put their photos on when their name stickers weren't showing or had fallen off! Don't worry - there will be plenty more.)